General Manager – Restaurant Division

Sergio Sitkowski
As our restaurants division General Manager I oversee the management of all of the company’s independent restaurants, which include: “Actitud Buenos Aires”, “Filo” and “Terruño”. I’m in charge of our operations strategy as well as ensuring that our guests always receive a unique and all-encompassing experience, one that will make them return time after time. I personally believe in quality and in the delivery of exceptional products and services, therefor I try to implement them on a daily basis. I joined the company in late 2012 and since then I take great pride in making our restaurants places that are not only always welcoming and inviting but also engaging and dynamic.

Over the past 20 years I have had the opportunity of working internationally in many major cities like Buenos Aires, Porto Alegre, Caracas, Bogota, Baltimore, New York, Miami, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Berlin, Tahiti and Morea. I am a trained chef by profession but I also have a BA in Communications as well as a Master’s degree in Business Negotiation and Leadership.

Today, if asked what I hold dearest, I would usually find myself saying it is the value of opportunity as well as the importance of putting your heart into what you do. I think that the passion that I bring to my profession has been a key part of my success and something that I am truly thankful for. This is why the value of having passion for what you do is something that I always try to implement within the extended family of Enjoy Group.