Executive President


It gives me real pleasure to have joined the family company after my studies at Florida International University, where I earned my degree in hospitality management. Also, I had the opportunity before returning to Costa Rica to supplement my education by working in Cancun, Mexico, within several divisions of the hotel industry. Overall, I find it taught me the importance of dedication and organization.

When I returned to Costa Rica, I operated the Ocotal Resort as operations manager, where my main focus was on the project’s expansion. Upon returning to San Jose, I joined what was then Conhotel, Enjoy Group today. I began my job, by creating a department that specialized in tourism and entertainment development and tackled multiple hotels, bar, restaurant and casinos projects.

My constant thirst for professional enrichment, took me back to the United States a few years later to get my MBA in Finance and Business in Miami. Over there, I took a few courses related to hotel development taught by Cornell.

I consider myself to be a committed person as well as a structured one, all things that I try to share with the extended family of Enjoy Group.