Enjoy Hotels is designed and developed as a leading boutique hotel company in Costa Rica, with international projection. Created under a different concept and always seeking to establish trends, we remain at the height of a country in constant growth. We focus on “simple luxury” through contemporary settings, comfortable and cozy heartwarming accommodations and people oriented service. We cater to the world’s most demanding citizens.

We currently have multiple projects in development, ranging from urban havens to beach resorts and mountain retreats. We seek to create a national circuit that offers a different experience for every lifestyle.



Hotels and resorts, require excellent operational structure in order to support the multiple tasks that ensure customer satisfaction and asset care. Enjoy Asset Management, is the division of Enjoy Group that is engaged in asset management for the hospitality industry are these hotels and / or casinos.

In this division we provide assistance, advice and analysis in the operational area in order to maximize cash flow and asset value. Enjoy Asset Management becomes the means of communication and supervision between owners and operators of the hotel.

Our services:

  • Operations and overview
  • Supervision of accounting procedures and controls
  • Supervision of the fiscal strategy management or supervision of insurance
  • Supervision of the tax strategy
  • Supervision of sales and marketing plan
  • Quality control
  • Monitoring of budgets and financial statements
  • Owner accounting


Enjoy Restaurants was born through the conglomeration of several different projects. Currently, we operate important restaurants such as Actitud Buenos Aires, Terruño and FILO. We are always looking to be innovative by bringing different products to the marketplace. Also, we always try to stay genuine by being characteristic to the areas we are in. Our Argentine barbecues are characterized by being full of tradition but are also modern, lively and energetic with personalized service.